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With the inception of our brand DUROTUFF over a decade ago , our company marked a transition from a forging /export outfit  to a modern , state of the art, manufacturing facility with a wide range of products and an impressive customer base. We are essentially suppliers to OEMs and also are proud to meet the requirements of several aftermarket buyers the world over. 

Since the past some years we have been supplying several components to customers in the USA and these parts have met with all the stringent standards that are sought in  that part of the world. In order to enhance our market share in the U.S. We are in the process of firming up strategic partnerships, that would assist meet our Companies objectives. The above Partnership will work with engineering facilities of U.S. companies , and bring forth to them the parts that we can either manufacture or source at the best possible price. We understand the importance of timely deliveries that customers  require and to that aspect we will warehouse products and deliver these at the  customers doorstep in quantities that do not warrant our clients maintaining huge inventories. We believe that because of our existing worldwide  manufacturing and sourcing infrastructure, we are strategically placed to best service the needs of the American market. 

Our manufacturing facility is located in the city of Ludhiana, North India. Over the years it has been our consistent endeavor to continuously upgrade our plant with new equipments, emphasize on research and development to enhance our infrastructure so as to meet the challenges set forth by ever changing business environments and  thus expand our units at a pace befitting the growth and boom that exits in various countries. 

We are proud to have some of the best and most skillful professionals working with us. We believe that  consistent quality of manufactured parts, timely deliveries , commitments that are kept and a lucrative pricing structure are some of the more  important tools which have helped us to retain customers and expand our business in an organized manner. Quality control is given top priority in our facilities and there is no compromise on this aspect. 

While our main stay is our own manufacturing ability, we have since the past few years been driven by the demands of our customers to assist them in procuring parts other than made in our facility. For this we have set up a separate trading division with sourcing offices in various locations. These offices are managed by efficient, highly qualified engineers who have been trained at our facilities so that their thought process conforms with the companies philosophy.

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